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Gruppo Sassoli

Gruppo Sassoli, more and more service-oriented expanding the processing facilities and widening the possibility of toll work to all metal market actors.

Sassoli Goup is part of an Italian group of companies whose core activity is selling, distributing and processing Stainless Steel.

Our group can supply customers from its warehouses and service centres located in Italy (close to Milano and Venice) and in Poland (located in Zarow, close to Wroclaw): this latter facility is very strategic for distributing material in eastern Europe countries.

We have been focusing on main commodity stainless steel grades (AISI 304/304L, 430, 316/316L Hot Rolled and Cold rolled) for flat and long products, but also on some specialty grades (in stock or upon request).

Regarding flat products we are able to supply 2B and BA surfaces and to make slitting, decoiling, cutting, surface finishing (grinding, scotch-brite, mirror polishing), as to provide semi-final products as coils, strips, standard size sheets, cut-to-format sheets in a full range of sizes. Regarding long products, we are running a stock of tubes, pipes, profiles, bars.

Moreover we are also physical trader, for bigger quantities, for both flat (coils, sheets, quarto plates) and long products (pipes, bars, profiles).

Our relationship with the best primary mills in Europe and Asia allow us to provide our customers a full range of products and the best level of service.

We have been developing for our best customers hired work services as well.

Our service center in Poland can offer a various range of value added jobs.

Usual activity we do for our customers are:

- slitting

- coil reduction

- cutting big coils into smaller ones

- rewinding loose coils

- fixing egg-shaped coils

- decoiling in sheets

- cut to length sheet

- pvc application on coils or sheets

- strips from coils

- blankets

- scotch brite on sheets

- grinding sheet to sheet

- scotch brite coil to coil/sheet

- grinding coil to coil/sheet (to be installed soon)

In our Italian service center we can offer an even wider range of services, including:

- mirror polishing, coil to coil and sheet to sheet

- cut to length to 2000mm width

- grinding plates up to 80mm thickness

- antifinger print finishing

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