Goudsmit Magnetic Systems B.V.

Safe lifting of heavy loads


Goudsmit Magnetics presents a whole new switchable lifting magnet. Among other things, the magnet lifts flat and round steel products as well as castings, but also secures steel objects, after which these can be welded and polished. What is special about this system is that it is very powerful when turned on, but leaves absolutely no rest magnetism when turned off. Due to the improved lifting power now also heavier objects can be moved with permanent magnets. The advantage of switchable, permanent lifting magnets is that they do not need a backup system in case of power failure and therefore heavy loads can be safely lifted. This leads to considerably lower investment and maintenance costs, but also a much more simplified steering.

Magnet gripper
The switchable lifting magnet is a complement to the Goudsmit program. The magnet gripper, which has been successfully deployed in the sheet processing industry, works optimally with a sheet thickness of up to4 mm. The Magswitch has been developed to also handle thicker and heavier sheets.

Various dimensions
The lifting magnet is available in various dimensions and can lift loads of up to15,000 kgin combination. It is delivered as a manually switchable magnet, air-operated switchable magnet and electronic with remote control.
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