LOI Thermprocess GmbH

Tenova LOI Thermprocess strengthens market position in heat treatment of wire rod and drawn wires thanks to high-performance technology

Bell-type annealing plant for wire rod and drawn wire

Essen/Milan, 1 March 2016 – A total of 12 new orders in 24 month underlines an impressive order intake track record for Tenova LOI Thermprocess in the segment of heat treatment of wire rods and drawn wires. The orders include the supply, erection and commissioning of bell-type annealing plants for leading companies such as Aperam (France), Voestalpine Wire (Austria and Germany), POSCO (Korea), Daeho (Korea), Hyundai Special Steel (Korea), Norm Civata (Turkey), Saarstahl AG (Germany), Jindal South West Ltd. (India) and ZDB (Czech Republic).

With a bidding-conversion rate of 80 percent the experts of Tenova LOI Thermprocess convinced a global customer base also including a number of prestigious first-time customers. Due to an optimization of the annealing base and the high-capacity impeller, which provide for annealing capacity increase whilst the specific consumption is substantially reduced at the same time. Additional centering devices at the annealing base ensure a longer lifetime of the inner cover baffle which is put down on the base during annealing cycle. Thanks to a new developed base sealing profile a longer lifetime of these special sealing has been achieved on the one hand; on the other hand larger tolerances in the field of the base flange/inner cover flange are compensated. The high-performance JET-cooling hoods patented by LOI are used in all orders. Not only do they ensure short cooling times, but additionally extremely low noise emission values.

All plants are equipped with a modern ProView®- Supervisory Control Computer system. The bell-type annealing plants usually comprise fail-safe base control units of Siemens type S7-300F. For the first time the fail-safe base control unit ATS-700F, which has been developed by Tenova LOI Thermprocess is in application. It perfectly complements the wide model range successfully used for more than 30 years.

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