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New metal forming tools for nail production from Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT

At Wire 2016 CERATIZIT will be presenting new carbide solutions for metal forming with the improved product line of ZBE PRO knives for forming nail points as well as planetary dies for manufacturing threaded studs and nails. Operators employ carbide products from Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT in a wide range of metal forming processes thanks to their mechanical properties and wear resistance. When developing such solutions the company cooperates closely with leading machine manufacturers.

The carbide experts from CERATIZIT will be showcasing new tooling solutions for the fastening industry at Wire in Düsseldorf (stand C53, hall 09) from 4 to 8 April 2016. For many years CERATIZIT has been developing and producing carbide tools for the nail-making sector, for example for the production of standard diamond points or special nail and screw geometries. The product range of Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT has now been extended to include the improved ZBE PRO knives, which offer customers high stability and repeatability in nail production. The range of solutions is completed by wear-resistant carbide planetary dies for cold forming in thread-rolling machines. They are able to withstand extremely high pressures and therefore achieve long tool life.

ZBE PRO: process security thanks to knives

The ZBE PRO product line was designed by CERATIZIT for machines which work with the traditional Wafios mechanism (for example Wafios N3/N31 and N4/N41). Compared to the traditional knives, the new solution features a geometry with both higher stability and improved mechanical resistance. Nail producers consequently benefit from a reduced tendency of the tools to move during the cutting process, resulting in more accurate repeatability. In particular for the production of fastening systems with larger diameters and more difficult materials this means high process security.

Tool geometry optimised with FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

The knife which is mounted on a steel tool holder by means of a screw has also been updated to increase stability and resistance to breakage while the tool geometry has been refined by the development specialists from CERATIZIT applying the Finite Element Analysis (FEA). For example, this analysis enables a computer simulation of the tool's behaviour when subjected to forces. The knives were developed in two sizes to fit various machines. Knives for the production of the most common point geometries are available from stock. Upon customer request it is also possible to manufacture individual forms.

Planetary dies for threaded studs and nails

Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT offers rolls and roll segments made of carbide to imprint circular profiles on nails and other fasteners. The tough and wear-resistant material withstands the extremely high pressures involved in the cold forming process in thread-rolling machines. "Thanks to our carbide grades specially developed for metal forming the tools achieve an extraordinarily long tool life," explains Antonello Valsecchi, head of application engineering at CERATIZIT Italia. The wear rates of the roll and the segments are consistent throughout the process so that both components reach the same tool life and can be changed at the same time. "We have optimally tuned the profiles of the segment and the roll. This guarantees high quality of the work pieces, even at high production speeds of up to 2,500 nails per minute."

Special products and reworking service

Planetary dies from Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT are available in standard sizes for the most common thread-rolling machines. Upon request CERATIZIT also produces individual tool geometries. Additionally, customers have the possibility to have the profiles of worn planetary dies restored. After a detailed quality check, these fulfil the criteria of a new and fully functional metal forming tool.

Functionality of planetary dies

For the mass production of nails with helical or ring profiles manufacturers use planetary dies consisting of a roll and several segments mounted in a thread-rolling machine. In the cold forming process the machine produces the thread on the nail by means of a stationary segment and a rotating roll. The nail blank rotates around its own axis when positioned between the roll and the segment. Extremely high pressures are generated so that the profile of the roll and of the roll segment are transferred onto the nail.

Market leader in the fastening industry

Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT is a leading brand in the field of carbide tools for the fastener industry. This includes tools and tooling systems for all phases of nail-making, from carbide inserts to tool holders. "We closely cooperate with the most important manufacturers of nail-making machines," says Josef Lämmle, head of the business unit. "In this way we are close to the market and can react quickly to developments in the sector and always offer our customers the most innovative products and solutions."

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