Weilly Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

PCD irregular shaped dies

5 petals shaped dies

Weilly Diamond Industrial from Taiwan has concentrated on developing the excellent quality of diamond wire drawing dies as well as PCD and MD shaped wire drawing dies, over the past two decades.

With the controlled die geometry and excellent polishing of PCD shaped dies, our shaped dies have the polishing quality nearly as good as the polished surface of round dies for various shapes, such as square, rectangle, triangle, flat, octagon, hexagonal, oval and irregular shape like multi-petals as the photos shown below. We are offering a lot of irregular PCD shaped dies according to the drawings requested by customers.

The multi-petals are extremely small and complicated shaped dies; the circumcircle diameter is only 0.17mm and the radius for each petals is only 0.035mm. We are capable of controlling the precise shape, accurate Reduction angle and Bearing length; we can especially get the mirror-like polish surface, as good as the round dies.

Rectangle and flat dies, like the photo shown below are commonly using for enameling wire drawing. The thinnest we can make is 0.10mm high as the photo shown below for your reference.

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