LOECO - Industrieanlagen GmbH & Co. KG

TDK Ferrites Distributor

„Since 1978 ROBERT WARNOCK COMPANY has been the distributor for TDK ferrite cores used in the induction welding of tube and pipe.
We cover the North and South American markets.

Along with the process engineers at TDK and Electronic Heating Company, we have been directly involved in the development of improved grades of ferrite for the high frequency tube welding process.

Now the ROBERT WARNOCK COMPANY is partnering with Nils A. Hofmeister, owner of LOECO, to establish a ferrite sales and distribution company in Europe.

ROBERT WARNOCK GMBH in Germany now provides better service and competitive pricing to the European market.

The cooperation of the people at TDK / EPCOS and their support continue to be vital in creating value for our customers."

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