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High precision Wire and Tube processing: Special solutions from Jouhsen-bündgens at Wire 2016

PrecisionCut MJ9

PrecisionCut series UD and MJC – best precision and high speed

Stolberg, Germany, March 7, 2016 - Jouhsen-bündgens will present solutions for the high-precision production of wire cut offs from April 4th to 8th at Wire in Düsseldorf (Hall 11, Stand G51): The PrecisionCut UD2 with a flexible modular system as well as the PrecisionCut MJC9 for precise short cut offs enable a more economical production for wire users due to high processing speeds and short changeover times.

PrecisionCut UD2 – for wire and small stainless steel bars

The straightening and cutting machine PrecisionCut UD2 is designed as a flexible modular system: The possibility to use different sizes of straighteners on one machine, warrant short changeover times for a wide range of applications. As a result manufacturers can produce materials with varying material strengths and diameters very economically. The UD2 is suitable to produce short and long bars from 5 to 4,000 millimetres as well as to run wire diameters in the range 0.05 to 4 mm. The rigid machine design achieves an output performance of maximal 500 parts per minute.

PrecisionCut MJC9 – application for precise rectangular short cut offs

With the PrecisionCut MJC9, Jouhsen-bündgens offers the wire industry a machine concept optimised for the manufacturing of precise, rectangular, short cut offs at high speeds: up to 600 parts per minute with lengths of 1.5 x d up to 70 mm. The cut off system in the MJC machine is working with a “bush-bush” system, which realises in combination with the exact infeed rectangular and bur free cut offs. Users can process wires with diameters between 3.5 and 9.3 millimetres.

Special solutions for wire processing

Whether straightening and cutting, electro fission, end machining, cold forming or point grinding - Jouhsen-bündgens machines process wires with the smallest tolerances at high speeds worldwide. The demand for Jouhsen-bündgens technology has also increased with the continued drive for component miniaturization. The equipment produces parts for the electronics or the automotive industry: drive and cam chains, bearings or pins. For medical applications lancets, cannulas and surgical needles are often cut, grinded and loaded into magazines at a high speed of hundreds parts per minute.


About Jouhsen-bündgens

Speed and precision equal efficiency - this is what Jouhsen-bündgens Maschinenbau GmbH in Stolberg/ Aachen represent. The globally active company concentrates very successfully on high-precision machinery for wire processing and bottling plants.
With engineering know-how, German expertise and decades of experience Jouhsen-bündgens accomplishes customized solutions for many applications with the utmost precision - from medical technology through to roller bearings and consumer products. The highly qualified team develops a deep knowledge and understanding of the particular processes in question. The results are reliable machines conceived and manufactured to the requirements of the customer.


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