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Discover e4.0 the smarter way of forming

Felss Rundknetmaschine Generation e4.0

"The future of the forming industry begins now", says Andreas Egelseder, Chief Market & Technology Officer, Felss Holding GmbH. The Felss Group is going all out to be the driving force behind making the connection between forming technology and Industry 4.0. They are now presenting their latest e4.0 forming solutions at TUBE from April 4 - 8 (hall 5, stand A 30) – specifically targeting the automotive industry.

The focus of the trade fair is clearly on the redesigned Generation e4.0 rotary swaging machine and the new Smart Service Ideas, demonstrated live on site. The same goes for component production with interactive applications for steering, drive trains, engines and transmissions.

"Global raw material resources are becoming increasingly scarce. The mega-trend of resource efficiency is therefore particularly relevant in the raw material-intensive automotive industry," says Dr. Michael Marré, Head of Development and Innovation, Felss Systems GmbH. "With Generation e4.0 and Smart Services, we particularly demonstrate just how more efficient production processes can be in terms of materials and energy, including reducing production lead times."

A discovery with a future: the new Generation e4.0.

It is fast, flexible & resource-efficient. As its current example, Felss will be presenting its redesigned rotary swaging machine Generation e4.0 at the trade fair. Thanks to the hydraulics-free new machine design and the innovative Smart Service Ideas it offers more efficient production processes and more economic component designs in totally new areas of application. A key feature is a 25% increase in productivity with short changeover times. It also brings excellent adaptability, simple and mobile process control and long-term expandability for production facilities.

In short, Generation e4.0 offers up to 60% energy savings with increased productivity and greater flexibility. With an annual volume of 1 million components, Generation e4.0 saves 50,000 kWh of electricity, or roughly 31 tons of CO2 emissions.

Felss is focused on the optimum use of staff, capital, energy, time and space in relation to production facilities and process chain. This holistic approach to resource efficiency opens up considerable potential. The development of Generation e4.0 is a result of this holistic approach, from which automotive industry users benefit at the same time in multiple ways.

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