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Zeller+Gmelin celebrates 150th anniversary

150 years Zeller+Gmelin


Through the ages

EISLINGEN, March 17th, 2016 – This is managed by just very few: As an independent family-owned company Zeller+Gmelin can look back on 150 years of history. Since the beginnings in 1866, the expert for speciality lubricants, printing inks and chemistry from Eislingen has emerged as the preferred partner of large and small companies. With a two-day ceremony and an Open Day on September 24th, Zeller+Gmelin intend to celebrate this company anniversary.

As lubricant manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin offer individual and comprehensive solutions from one single source, from research and development to production. Numerous national and international companies such as for example Bosch benefit from the high innovative power of the supplier. With a current annual turnover of 269 million Euros, the lubricant specialist employs around 900 people worldwide, half of which work at the headquarters in Eislingen. As one of the largest employers in the region, Zeller+Gmelin celebrate their 150th anniversary with a two-day ceremony and an Open Day on September 24th.

"We are proud to be able to look back on a successful 150-year history as one of the few independent companies", says Siegfried Müller, Director of Marketing and Sales at Zeller+Gmelin. "As an innovative solution provider and preferred partner of the industry, we want to continue to provide secure jobs for the people in the region of Eislingen - an occasion that we will truly celebrate in September and to which we cordially invite everybody."

Since 150 years successful in Eislingen

On February 23rd, 1866, the company Zeller+Gmelin was registered as a general partnership and shale oil factory. Behind that were the ideas of the railway engineer Anton Zeller and the pharmacist Paul Gmelin to use the slate quarries of the so-called "plains" in Groß-Eislingen for the distillation and extraction of lamp oil and heating oil. When, however, coal advanced to be the preferred combustion material, the business gradually shifted to the production of lubricants which were in great demand in the course of the upcoming railway expansion.

With the era of motorisation the demand for mineral oil products increased. Having recognized the signs of the times, Julius Zeller, the oldest son of Albert Zeller, founded a petrol refinery on the present premises along the main railway line in 1898. Until today it has remained the heart of the gradually expanding factory premises. Henceforth, tank cars from all over the world with naphtha rolled in to Eislingen (see image 17, historic railroad car of Märklin).

The quality of Zeller+Gmelin products spread soon in the Empire not least due to the fact that with Graf von Zeppelin the company from Eislingen had an advocate full of praise and temporarily even served as purveyor. The reputation enhanced and the company survived both world wars due to the tight bonds of the Zeller family.

The first and second oil crisis finally led to a reorientation to which Zeller+Gmelin has remained true until today: “Away from bulk business, towards own production of specialities." Better use should be made of the possibilities of the market. For this purpose, new product lines were gradually introduced, new companies were established and equity investments were made.

Innovative solution partner of the industry

"Over the decades, we have grown into an international company with 16 subsidiaries and for many of our long-standing customers we are the preferred solution partner in the fields of lubricants, printing inks and chemistry," explains Managing Director Siegfried Müller. "The values of the past still lie in today's success - we are still characterized by a strong customer orientation and a deep understanding of applications and processes."
Thus, for example, Zeller+Gmelin were able to win for the fifth time in a row the Bosch Global Supplier Award initiated by Robert Bosch GmbH. Of worldwide more than 35,000 suppliers of Bosch, the lubricant specialist from Eislingen is therefore one of the few that are regularly awarded for outstanding achievements in production and supply of products and services.
In addition, the brand DIVINOL stands for highest quality lubricants in the fields of automotive industry, agriculture and forestry. "With our products we want to ensure a sustainable value-added chain by being a reliable supplier, innovator and solution provider at the same time," reveals Siegfried Müller. "It is about providing solutions efficient in terms of time and use which individually make the processes of our customers better and safer."


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