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Sandvik adds Sanicro™ 60 (Alloy 625) to its extensive corrosion resistant material grades

Sandvik has introduced Sanicro™ 60 (Alloy 625) to its product program.

Adding to its already significant material grade program, Sandvik has introduced Sanicro 60 (commonly known as Alloy 625) in hydraulic and instrumentation (H&I) tubing and heat exchanger form, offering considerable operational benefits particularly for customers installing equipment in harsh environments.

The high strength, austenitic nickel-chromium alloy Sanicro 60 (UNS N06625), exhibits very good resistance to pitting corrosion, intergranular corrosion and is virtually immune to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in chloride containing environments.

Ideal for use in chemical processing, power generation and high temperature aerospace applications, the material is available in seamless pipe and also as H&I tubing, heat exchanger tubes and high temperature tubes. It has extremely good corrosion resistance in severe oxidizing and non oxidizing acids including hydrochloric, nitric and phosphoric, as well as in high temperature applications. Sanicro 60 has a wide operating temperature range from -196˚C to 815˚C (-321˚F to 1500˚F).

The grade’s low carbon content combined with high nickel, chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen levels provides it with an outstanding resistance to corrosion in chloride containing environments, including seawater and hot geothermal fluids. This is reflected by the high Pitting Resistance Equivalent number of PRE>48, which is a measure of the relative pitting corrosion resistance of the material in chloride-containing environments.

Sanicro 60 seamless nickel-chromium alloy tube is supplied bright annealed in the outside diameter range 6 – 42 mm (0.25 in – 1.625 in) and wall thickness 0.89 – 5.00 mm (0.035 in – 0.197 in). H&I tubing is available in straight lengths and coils, supplied annealed (Grade 1) and solution annealed (Grade 2). Stock will be available for most common sizes.

The material grade has excellent fabrication properties and can be welded using standard austenitic stainless steel welding processes. Post weld treatment is not necessary as it is resistant to intergranular corrosion even after welding.

By expanding the product portfolio and also the stock profile to include Sanicro 60, Sandvik is enhancing its position as a trusted ‘one-stop-shop’ for its customers for all their corrosion resistant material requirements, in order to help them satisfy optimal materials performance and project value.

Sandvik is also pleased to announce the development of another grade to be added to the nickel family: Alloy C-276, a nickel and molybdenum-chromium alloy designed for excellent resistance to pitting, Stress Corrosion Cracking and to oxidizing atmospheres and seawater. The material is currently undergoing manufacturing trials.


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