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Length matters! Sandvik to offer weld-free coiled tubing in lengths exceeding 1,000 meters

The first 1,010 meter coiled tube reel is to be symbolically delivered on 10.10.2016 for a demanding offshore oil and gas customer.

To meet a growing need for coiled tubing in very long lengths, Sandvik’s high-precision tubing unit in Werther, Germany has developed a breakthrough method enabling the production of stainless tubing in lengths exceeding 1,000 meters from a single 125 kg hollow – with zero welds! The new production technique – a combination of sophisticated pilgering, precision drawing and proprietary processes – is expected to be highly beneficial for the oil and gas and other industries.

“No matter how skilled you are at welding, there is always a risk of cracking or corrosion,” says Christofer Hedvall, Managing Director of the high-precision tubing unit. “With our new production method, we take risk completely out of the equation.” He notes that rig crews, well completion teams and other professionals working in challenging environments are looking for safe, time-saving methods supported by a continuous supply of weld-free material.

The new technology will be presented at Tube 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from April 3-4 at the Sandvik stand E47 in Hall 03. Production is expected to be up and running at its facility in Werther by June with the first 1,010 meter coiled reel order supplied on October 10, 2016. While the initial order is from the oil and gas sector, Sandvik anticipates that other industries could find this extended-length technology to be useful as well.

“This is the result of an ongoing innovation journey that started some years back,” says Mr. Hedvall, noting that the company is now introducing nickel alloy tube Alloy 625 (Sanicro™ 60) and Alloy C276 (Sanicro™ 56), has received ISO 50001 certification (a major part of the Green Factory approach), NORSOK approval and DIN EN 9100 qualification.
“We’re striving to provide complete ‘precision performance’ solutions to the aerospace, oil and gas, medical and other industries. Our customers want more choice and flexibility both in terms of materials and formats,” he says.

The Werther operation, which produced its first stainless steel tubes in 1957, specializes in thick walled tubing (1-70 mm OD), extreme pressures (700 bar, or 10153 psi, up to 160,000 psi), exacting tolerances, low defects (50 µm max), extreme temperature and more. Many of these extreme needs for high-precision tubing are becoming increasingly acute as industry heads into the era of Industry 4.0, with higher needs for interconnected control.

Asked to forecast the future of precision tubing, Mr. Hedvall comments: “Sometimes the best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself, together with your customers.”


(Note to Editors: Sandvik invites the Press to visit Stand E47 in Hall 3 at Tube 2016).

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