100% error-free picking with KiSoft Vision

Manual picking in the high-bay racking area and the goods-to-person workstation of the OSR Shuttle(TM) are equipped with KiSoft Vision. The technology, combined with the corresponding processes, ensures 100% error-free order picking.

KNAPP's visual picking system KiSoft Vision uses augmented reality technology. This technology visualizes information at the exact time and location the operator needs it, through a head mounted display. An integrated navigation system calculates the optimal route through the warehouse.

Six Sigma Level 6

KNAPP has now established this level of quality for manual picking processes. At the work station of the OSR Shuttle, the system checks that the correct products are retrieved from the OSR Shuttle. Then cameras read the product barcodes - without any action necessary from the picking staff - and make sure that the products are placed in the correct target containers.

KNAPP put special emphasis on ergonomics during the system's integration into the work process. The new level of quality is achieved without any additional steps for the employee. The perfect combination of optical user guidance, image recognition, barcode and serial number tracking, and acoustical feedback support the employees in reaching a quality level of 6 according to the Six Sigma strategy.

Logistics Innovation Award for KNAPP solution

Even before KiSoft Vision was installed, the Estonian pharmaceutical wholesaler Magnum Logistics received Estonia's Logistics Innovation Award for its KNAPP warehouse in Tallinn.

The technical solution shines with the interplay between an automatic high-bay racking system and the 35,000 storage locations and an OSR Shuttle System, guided by the warehouse management system KiSoft WMS. The automatic interchange of goods between the stacker cranes and the OSR Shuttle ensures that products are always stored in the ideal location and avoids time-consuming manual relocation.

In addition the Estonian pharmaceutical market has a few characteristics which KNAPP also considers in the WMS: a certain amount of products is provided with Estonian package inserts on behalf of the national health authority. KNAPP implements lot tracking throughout the warehouse as well as separate storage of various product groups and management of consignment products.

Products are picked using handheld terminals from flow racks which are automatically refilled by the stacker crane system. The target containers for the pharmacies are transported to the work stations of the OSR Shuttle where products are supplied from four rack lines and more than 8,000 storage locations according to the goods-to-person principle. After orders are completed and pass the final check station, containers are automatically provided with an invoice, are lidded, strapped, addressed and sorted according to route on ramps in the dispatch area.

Source: Knapp AG