220kV cable system for pumped storage power plant

Within the framework of the project implemented by Elektrobudowa S.A., TELE-FONIKA will deliver and install a complete system based on the XnRUHAKXS 1x400/120 127/220 kV cable and Pfisterer accessories.

HV cables for this investment will be manufactured by Bydgoszcz factory, whereas supervision of the construction and line installation will be performed by the High Voltage Team of TELE-FONIKA Kable. The implemented project is related to the modernisation of the energy collection system, which until now has been based on a paper impregnated oil cables installed in the 1970’s.

The Porąbka – Żar Pumped Storage Power Plant with the power of 500 MW is the second largest pumped storage power plant in Poland. It went into operation in 1979 and it uses Lake Międzybrodzkie as a lower elevation reservoir, located at the height of approximately 318 metres above sea level, with a dam in Porąbka. The higher elevation reservoir (wholly artificial) was built at the top of Mount Żar at a height of approximately 750 metres above sea level.