3M Introduces Next Generation of Ultra Hard Metric (UHM) Cable Assemblies

The 3M™ UHM Cable Assembly is the industry's first fully-shielded, low crosstalk 2 mm hard metric (HM) cable assembly designed for up to 12 Gbps performance when used with industry standard 2 mm HM (IEC 61076-4-101) or 3M™ HSHM Backplane Headers.

Using the UHM Cable Assemblies, standards-based CompactPCI and VME 64x embedded computers can, for the first time, support cable to board rear IO with multi-gigabit high-speed serial protocols such as SAS, SATA, Rapid IO, PCI Express and Gigabit Ethernet. The UHM Cable Assembly's modular "snap together" wafer design enables cable assembly designs that can be flexibly customized to the specific needs of the application up to 50 high-speed differential channels per mating connector. Full 360-degree shielding for each differential pair minimizes crosstalk and supports high density of high-speed signals. Standard 2 mm HM connector based systems can use the UHM Cable assemblies to support IO speeds of up to 12 Gbps.

"The UHM cable assembly is a unique combination of high speed and high density in a standards-based configuration that enables dramatic increase in IO capability for embedded computers – with performance that can support SAS, PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet and other high-speed serial protocols. This uniquely complements 3M's earlier introduced UHM socket connector, which was adopted by the PICMG 2.30 standard to support high-speed serial protocols in legacy 3U and 6U form factors," said David Schneider, global business manager for 3M Interconnect Solutions.

Today's embedded computer systems are required to be faster and smaller than the previous generation of solutions. With the latest UHM Cable Assembly from 3M, the 12 Gbps electrical performance is superior to previous products, while allowing the mix and match of power and signal transmission. Custom options are also available to ensure that specific customer needs are met.

Source: 3M,