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© 2015 3M Deutschland GmbH

© 2015 3M Deutschland GmbH

Abrasive users in industry and trade face a variety of challenges. 3M offers solutions to help solve these problems. A new, extensive catalog now provides comprehensive information about the company’s products and technologies and also includes expert tips for metal processing.

On a total of 243 pages, the new 3M product catalog for metal processing showcases the complete range of products that the diversified technology company has to offer. Scotch-Brite, Trizact and Cubitron II with their equally innovative and practical solutions, such as abrasive belts, compact discs or fiber discs, are some of the technologies in focus.

Also included: special pages and expert tips

A number of special pages covering topics such as "fillet weld removal" or "bristle products" provide useful guidance for crafts people, welders and metal processors. In addition, expert tips help improve practical applications. The catalog is rounded off with 3M’s safety recommendations as well as an overview of occupational health products to help ensure an accident-free and safe working environment.

The new product catalog for metal processing has been available from 3M distributors and dealers since March 2015.

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