ABB launches latest range of gas insulated switchgear

The design includes advanced plug-and-switch technology and an intelligent secondary interface to meet future smart grid requirements. New features improve ease of operation, such as ready access to the operating mechanism from the front panel and current transformers located outside the gas compartment.

With plug-in busbar connections and shipment of complete, factory tested bays, the ENK GIS can be easily and quickly installed on site. It is rated for nominal voltage of 72.5kV, and is available up to 2500A (ampere) rated current and 40kA (kilo ampere) short circuit current (current generated during a fault), in versions conforming to IEC and IEEE standards.

ABB pioneered the first high voltage GIS in 1965 and in 2008 commissioned a GIS rated to handle more than one million volts (1,100kV), pushing the envelope once again in terms of global voltage levels. ABB is the global leader in high voltage GIS technology, with more than 20,000 bays installed and operating reliably around the world. GIS technology is a compact, modular and robust solution for maintaining reliable electrical power under challenging conditions with minimal maintenance. Other key benefits include low line losses and enhanced equipment security, while the technology's minimized footprint enables installation in locations with space constraints, such as busy city centers and even indoors. ABB’s product range also includes GIS for offshore and mobile applications.

Source: ABB