AFRISO GSP3 and GSP3 Flex gas detectors

The new portable AFRISO GSP3 and GSP3 Flex gas detectors are designed for fast and reliable detection of leaks of inflammable gases at gas pipes and connections (screw connections, fittings, flanges), gas meters, gas burners and gas tanks. The GSP3 gas detector detects even minimal leaks and is extremely easy to use. To allow for the detection of leaks in areas difficult to access, GSP3 Flex is equipped with a flexible gas probe. The high-sensitivity sensor is suitable for the detection of a wide range of different inflammable gases such as methane, propane or butane. Moving the sensor over an area where a leak is suspected leads to qualitative detection of points where gas is escaping. The intensity of the escaping gas is indicated by three LEDs and an audible signal which is proportional to the gas concentration.

The detector automatically switches off after four minutes. The sensor of GSP3 is protected against contamination for a very long service life. The measuring range (methane) of the sensor covers 0 to 2,000 ppm at a sensitivity of 20 to 50 ppm. GSP3 features a battery life of up to ten hours; it is supplied by two 1.5 V alkaline batteries (AA). A robust protective housing protects the instrument against shocks and dirt. The new GSP3 gas detector can be used, for example, for gas concentration measurements in rooms, inspection of gas systems in buildings, routine checks or gas checks.