AQUAPAL® transports drinking water safely and reliably

Water is an essential ingredient in the brewing and beverage industry – not only as a constituent of drinks, but also as process and cleaning water. As water intended for human consumption, it is subject to the strict guidelines of the European Drinking Water Directive. Furthermore, hoses that transport water for human consumption – such as the AQUAPAL®, the sturdy and highly flexible hose from ContiTech – must be approved for drinking water and labeled accordingly.

For the most commonly used rated widths, this high-quality hose was the very first drinking water hose to qualify in all tests required by law for drinking water hoses. As such, in accordance with a KTW (Kunststoffe und Trinkwasser – plastics in drinking water) recommendation, the AQUAPAL® has been approved for the “Pipes” (previously “A”) category of the German Federal Environment Agency and the Arbeitsblatt (technical rule) W 270 of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). In addition, AQUAPAL® is the first drinking water hose to be awarded the prescribed DVGW type approval certificate DW-0309 BT 0079 in accordance with test specifications VP 549 for hoses for the non-permanent transport of drinking water.

Quality guaranteed

The inner lining of the brand-name hose is homogeneous, smooth, and free of plasticizers. In addition, it is absolutely odor- and taste-neutral, which is indispensible for drinking water applications. Furthermore, the AQUAPAL® can be cleaned using all disinfecting agents in accordance with DVGW technical rule W 291. Thanks to its wear-resistant NBR cover, which is resistant to UV radiation, ozone and grease, it has a long service life, even under harsh conditions. ContiTech issues a three-year guarantee for the hose, which combines compliance with the stringent requirements of the Drinking Water Directive and the advantages of a flexible rubber hose.

Source: Contitec