A new production facility for W2E technology in India

W2E, as a developer of wind turbines, is the technology provider for NuPower Technologies. With the start of production NuPower Technologies, as an Indian vendor of wind turbines, will achieve an important milestone in the realization of the W2E licence.

In April 2013, Deepak Kochhar (CEO NuPower Technologies) and Christoph Klewitz (General Manager of Wind to Energy) inaugurated the new production facility. It is located nearby Bhuj, a city in the north-west of India. In this factory W2E wind turbines of different MW-classes with different rotor diameters will be produced. In the beginning the 2.05 MW wind turbine will be assembled with a rotor diameter of 93 m, which is certified according to GL2010 guideline and C-WET approved. In the medium term, 3 MW wind turbines will be assembled in the same location as well.

The production facility, which is equipped with optimized assembly, storage and office areas, is available for the target production output of NuPower Technologies. The existing crane capacities will enable a smooth material flow through the factory. The assembly of the first serial production will be completed by spring 2014. NuPower Technologies places special emphasis on the sustainability and quality of the assembled wind turbines.

In contrast to conventional wind turbine vendors NuPower Technologies, as an Independent Power Producer, will operate all of the assembled wind turbines by itself. In cooperation with NuPower Technologies, W2E will expand its 2.05 MW technology and in the summer of 2013, will erect and measure a wind turbine prototype nearby Rostock with a rotor diameter of 100 m.

With the W2E licenses of 2.05 MW and 3 MW wind turbines which
have been customized to fulfill the Indian conditions, NuPower Technologies is able to act with a broad product portfolio in the Indian market on basis of sustainable and innovative W2E technology.

Source: W2E Wind To Energy GmbH