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Powerturn swing door drive impresses metal processors



Universal Design or barrier-free access convenience, high functional diversity, easy installation, creative freedom and outstanding design: The new fully automatic GEZE Powerturn swing door drive offers genuine added value. It even opens large and heavy single and double-leaf doors easily and safely.

Manual opening, which is effortless for any user at any time, is also made possible by the unique Smart swing function. As a flexible component, the Powerturn can be integrated into a wide range of different door systems. Powerturn celebrated its premiere at the BAU trade fair 2015 and was awarded there twice. It received the innovation prize "Plus X Award" and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) sustainability certificate, a globally recognised eco-label.

Installation variety - easy and intelligent

Six different types of installation can be carried out using a single version of the Powerturn: Transom installation or door leaf installation with link arm or roller guide rail - on the hinge side or the opposite hinge side. Even the storage is reduced with only one version. The clever GEZE installation system ensures straightforward and safe installation which saves effort: The mains connection of the drive can be easily connected via the mounting plate. The drive only has to be clicked into the mounting plate, moved into place and secured. All plug areas and connections are easily accessible from the front. The Powerturn can also be operated and maintained without removing the drive cover. Thanks to a manual teaching run the commissioning happens in the shortest period of time possible.

Powerful and barrier-free

Powerturn makes it easier for children and handicapped persons to pass through doors. It fulfils all comfort and safety requirements - regardless of whether your hands are full of shopping bags or you have a child on your arm. Even large, heavy and wide doors can be effortlessly opened using the new GEZE swing door drive in every access situation - automatically or manually.

Manual opening with Smart swing function

Opening a door manually is also child's play using the Powerturn. This is made possible by the unique Smart swing function, which combines decoupled energy storage and intelligent control technology. This means that anyone can manually open even large, heavy fire protection doors with closing springs up to EN 7 - effortlessly. Secure, safe closing of the door is provided in all cases. The Smart swing function reduces energy consumption - both in permanent hold-open position or in operation.

Flexible and fit for the future

As flexible, future-proof system component, Powerturn facilitates the implementation of different door scenarios - whether in combination with motor locks, door control units such as GEZE TZ 320 for controlling and monitoring of closing and opening processes in doors on escape and rescue routes, as fresh air opening in smoke and heat extraction systems, for natural ventilation or as part of the GEZE security interlocking door systems. Apart from this, the Powerturn can be integrated into building automation systems. Its reliability is MPA checked for 500,000 cycles. As a provider of complete solutions, GEZE creates comprehensive tailor-made systems and special solutions.

Prime example for creative freedom and universal design

Powerturn enables customised, multi-function door solutions to be implemented - at the doors of the prestigious entrances as well as at high value internal doors. With its discreet design and an overall height of only 7 cm, the Powerturn blends in with any installation situation, so it offers great creative freedom. The Powerturn moves door leaves with widths of up to 1,600 mm and weights of up to 300 kg. The Powerturn version F/R for escape and rescue route doors combines innovation and design: The smoke control unit is invisibly integrated into the covering hood.

The Powerturn in the currently most famous reference object for accessibility

Powerturn is already being used in one of the world's prime exemplary buildings in which Universal Design and maximum accessibility were implemented. The "Handicap Organisationernes Hus" of the "Dansk Handicap organisation" in Høje-Taastrup in Copenhagen, the new headquarters of the umbrella organisation of 32 associations for handicapped persons in Denmark, is an excellent example of the design of buildings, in which people can move and work freely - irrespective of their disability. The basic idea behind the architecture of the four-storey, star-shaped building of 12,600 square meters is the implementation of easy accessibility of 310 workplaces in the building and the easiest use of all the equipment for everyone without external help.

Source: GEZE GmbH