Advanced concepts in corrosion protection for light weight alloys and steel using Cr(VI) free nanostructured hybrid coatings

The integrated EU project MULTIPROTECT (31 partners) has developed new, nanostructured coating materials for the chromium-free protection of light alloys and steel over the past four years. On January 21st and 22nd, 2009 the results of this project and the objectives of the new EU-project MUST will be presented during an information event in Munich. MUST is a new EU-project heading for the development of a new chromium-free, multicomponent corrosion protection for light alloys and steel.

During this event demonstrators and testing results will be presented to the public. The Event is primary directed to people coming from industries like automotive, aerospace, coating and coating use. This workshop will be organised by EADS Germany, INM and other partners of both projects.

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