Alcan Cable introduces ACSR Twisted Pair Conductors to mitigate transmission line galloping

“We have several customers that are located in regions prone to ice formation on their conductor and require this solution to prevent galloping,” said Steve Waller, Director of Utility Sales - North America, Alcan Cable. “As a major supplier of transmission cable, we are pleased to add ACSR Twisted Pair conductors to our family of transmission cable products.”

As the most recent addition to Alcan Cable’s line of aluminum transmission cable, ACSR TP conductors are two bare concentrically stranded conductors wound about one another with a twist length of nine feet. ACSR TP has been shown as the most cost effective means to mitigate galloping, Aeolian vibration, and subconductor oscillation. Typical installation for TP conductors is where ice forms along the line in the middle of the country where cold Canadian air collides with warm air from the Gulf of Mexico producing ice and wind.

Alcan Cable’s ACSR TP conductors are manufactured in accordance with ASTM B 911 standards. ACSR TP conductors can be installed per NEC Code limits to reduce sag and structure height or allow for longer ruling spans.

Source: Alcan Cable