Alcan Cable receives qualification for North America

Alcan Cable can now supply product to its existing utility customers in North America as well as to CTC Cable Corporation. The ACCC® conductor certification was attained by successfully completing qualification tests at Alcan Cable’s Technology Center located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. ACCC® composite core production will continue at CTC Cable’s certified facilities in Irvine, California.

“We are excited about the opportunity to offer aluminum conductor composite core (ACCC®) to our Utility customers as a unique cable solution for new transmission line construction and upgrades to the electrical grid,” said Steve Waller, Director of Utility Sales in North America. “The strategic agreement between Alcan Cable and CTC Cable combines Alcan Cable’s position as a leading cable supplier to the Investor Owned Utility market with CTC Cable’s innovative conductor technology.”

ACCC® conductor offers an energy efficient, high temperature, low sag solution for power transmission line applications. Under equivalent load conditions, ACCC® conductor reduces line losses by 30% to 40% compared to other conductors of the same diameter and weight, which translates into savings in the installation and the operation of the line over its lifetime. The reduction in line losses can provide significant reductions in fuel consumption and their associated emissions from fossil fuel sources. ACCC® conductor’s ability to operate at high temperatures with very little sag increase makes it an ideal solution for increasing capacity of constrained transmission lines.

Source: Alcan Cable