Alpha Wire introduces portfolio for packaging automation

Alpha Wire has created a portfolio of high-performance cable for applications in the packaging automation market, including case formers and packers, conveying systems, vacuum packaging, flow wrappers and bagging systems, form fill and seal systems, high-speed bottling, and automated palletizers.

“Packaging systems need rugged, reliable wire and cable to avoid costly downtime and disruptions,” said Brian Ribeiro, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Alpha Wire. “Our new packaging offering provides design engineers with a solution to help speed time-to-market.”

The packaging portfolio satisfies the widest range of application, such as linear motion systems, high-speed servos, dynamic braking, variable-frequency drives, high-speed vision systems, encoder/resolver applications, and HMI and I/O. The cables meet such industry requirements as UL PLTC, TC, TC-ER, and MTW. They offer resistance to sunlight, oil and chemicals, and abrasion.

Alpha Wire’s portfolio for packaging includes products from these proven cable families:

- Industrial Automation cables meet the needs of common automation systems, including EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, and industrial twinax.
- Xtra-Guard® Flex cable withstands continuous flexing, including multiaxis torsional movements, making it an excellent choice for linear motion systems and Cartesian and articulated robotics.
- Xtra-Guard Flex Motor Supply cable achieves excellent flexibility in a tough abrasion- and oil-resistant design well suited for the tight spaces in packaging machines for connecting AC drives, servo drives, and variable-frequency drives.
- Series M, F, and P control cables meet the full range of flexibility needs, from stationary to over 20 million rolling flex cycles, with conductor counts as high as 65.
- Series V VFD cable is designed specifically for the needs of variable-frequency drives, combating the continuous dielectric stresses, with no degradation under heavy electrical load or voltage irregularities such as harmonics, corona discharges, and power distortion.
- Series SF Flexible Servo cables bring a new level of flexibility to the integration and monitoring of servo drives. Designed specifically for connecting power between the supply and servo motors, drives, and controllers, Series SF cables feature a more flexible TPE jacket and thinner insulation to make them suitable for flexing applications requiring continuous movement.
- Hook-up Wire for any packaging equipment need, with a choice of solid or stranded conductors and PVC, XL-PVC, Teflon®, Silicone, XLPE, Kynar®, Tefzel®, TGGT, or MG insulation.
- FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing makes it easy to protect, organize, strain-relieve, and repair cables—with a range of shrink ratios and materials for any application environment.