An industry goes green – arvato Systems shows how it’s done

More and more companies are incorporating green objectives in their business strategy and company philosophy. arvato Systems has now launched a website that includes information and services on all aspects of CO2 emissions.

A team at arvato Systems has been developing innovative solutions and services for many years now as part of our supply chain management portfolio. In this manner, its staff has been assisting companies in the implementation of sustainability measures. Recording CO2 emissions is one of the first steps toward sustainability, in particular, for the transport and logistics industry.

CO2 balancing software developed by arvato Systems allows companies to accurately record emissions from all business operations – for transports (truck, ship, train, plane) and locations, as well as additional special processes in the supply chain. arvato Systems’ new microsite also provides interested parties with clear and useful information on how to implement fuel-saving models for truck and company car fleets.

Source: arvato Systems