Application movies about the perfect cleaning of soldering tips

Weller Tip Activator

In the first movie "How to use the soldering tip activator". The Weller Tip Activator for the regeneration of oxidised tips works quickly and easily and at a low temperature. The activator is environmentally safe, contains no halides, lead, rosin or residues.

Weller Dry Cleaner

In the second movie you will learn the best way to use the Dry Cleaner from Weller. When using lead free solder, there will be an increased rate of oxidation on the wettable area of the solder tip. This oxide film must be removed regularly; otherwise the tip will become completely unwettable, making it unusable. To use the Weller WDC, first remove the excess solder from the tip by gently tapping the tip against the soft edge of the collection box.

Then to finish the cleaning, the tip should be pushed and turned in the special brass wool of the dry cleaner. This will remove the oxide film but leave some molten solder on the tip to prevent the rapid re-oxidising of the iron plating which would happen if the tip was cleaned on a damp sponge and not immediately retinned. The brass wool can be soaked in a suitable flux which may further improve the performance of the cleaner.

Prolonged tip life

The application movies on our web page demonstrate the recommended treatment for the maintenance of soldering iron tips. The cleaning effect obtained by use of the tip activator and dry cleaner will increase tip life and reduce costs.

Source: Weller Tools GmbH