BIS Group again at the top of the Lünendonk 2012 list

Accordingly, the Group has retained its position at the pinnacle this year and is the market leader for industrial services in the European process industry.

The Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Group (BIS Group) offers services for assembling, maintaining and modernising industrial assets particularly in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemicals, chemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, energy production, steel and aluminium sectors. Its main regions are Europe, the United States and India, with activities in the Middle East currently being established.

In 2011, revenues rose by 12 percent to € 3,294 million. 14 percent of this growth was organic in nature and chiefly underpinned by its encouraging ongoing maintenance business. With a share of 63 percent, the Group's most important markets were in Europe excluding Germany, i.e. primarily Scandinavia, Austria, Benelux, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. 13 percent of revenues were generated in the US market.

Key selected events in 2011

Following the acquisition of Indian company Neo Structo based in Surat, the BIS Group has entered this dynamic market of the future. With 1,600 employees and annual revenues of € 60 million, Neo Structo is one of the fast-growing providers of maintenance, fabrication and installation services for assets in the process industry. The acquisition of UK company ATG and German company Alpha Mess-Steuer-Regeltechnik extended capacity for process instrumentation and control, which plays a key role for process facilities.

Further master contracts were signed for the maintenance of offshore rigs operated by UK companies, thus extending the Group's leading position in industrial services for the North Sea oil and gas sector. The BIS Group handles the maintenance of numerous offshore production and processing facilities as well as refineries and gas liquefaction plants in Europe and North America.

In addition, it was awarded a contract for a major project in the Texan oil and gas sector, entailing the engineering, production and assembly of five pumping stations and storage tanks for a new pipeline to tap the major Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas field.

Source: Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services GmbH