Battery operated screw driving with highest accuracy

The more that compressed air hoses or electric cables hinder assembly work, the more battery-powered EC-screwdrivers are favoured in industrial production. The better the performance of modern batteries, the more applicable battery powered tools are to industrial application. The proven DEPRAG precision screwdriving technology is now also available in battery powered form. At this year's MOTEK fair from the 10th to 13th of October in Stuttgart, DEPRAG's screwdriving experts will present its new battery-driven EC-angle-head screwdriver.

Whether screwdrivers are needed for assembly in the interior of a car, or used for equipping caravans, compressed air hoses and electric cables hinder the work process in restricted spaces.(DEPRAG sales manager Jürgen Hierold: “Here, the use of an industrial battery-driven screwdriver can help tremendously”. On assembly lines where the conveyor belts are moving for example, the use of battery operated screwdriving tools provide major advantages. Sales manager Jürgen Hierold recalls: “Often in the past, the battery-driven screwdrivers could not convince the users because of their short life cycles. The performance of modern battery-driven screwdrivers today; however, can no longer be compared with this old technology.” The DEPRAG engineers decided in favour of high-tech Li-Ion batteries for their new screwdriver series. These batteries for example have a considerably lower idle-discharge, and as for the feared memory effect that occurs as a result of partial charging, it is now carefully managed via Smart Batteries. It is also important to note that they can now be fully charged in less than one hour.

The new DEPRAG 36V Li-Ion battery-driven screwdrivers offer both the highest energy and performance density. Development manager Albin Lanig explains: “The recovery of the braking energy for the electrically driven motor saves energy and results in an extremely efficient and economic energy consumption.” This energy efficiency and sensor-controlled multi-level standby mode enables a high number of screwdriving cycles per charge. The use of high-tech EC- motors with levels of both extraordinarily high efficiency and compression results in both low tool weight and high standby times.

The newly developed series fulfils both the highest precision requirements and enables complex screwdriving processes in all of the standard torque, and/or angle-controlled screwdriving strategies. The tool can be programmed with eight multi-level screwdriving processes that can both be easily and comfortably selected and executed via the keyboard which is integrated in the display. An additional key allows quick toggle function for the reverse sequence options available for every screwdriving program.

For torques from 2 Nm to 50 Nm the battery-driven angle-head screwdriver will be brought onto the market in three torque ranges. With a high shut-off accuracy. It reaches a cmk-value of ? 1.67 and therefore meets the requirements for use in vehicle assembly.

In addition to the ergonomic design, which is generally a characteristic of the entire DEPRAG MINIMAT EC-screwdriver family, the worker is offered further advantages in the low weight of the tool, which enables stress free use and the integrated LED lamp which enables a better view of the assembly task.

DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. offers decades of experience in the development of screwing technology. The process reliability of their screwdriving tools remains a focal point for the DEPRAG developers. In addition to the high shut-off precision, the new battery-driven angle-head screwdriver model series continues to impress with further functions for both control and connection to a process computer. Using Bluetooth the nutrunner maintains contact with the comfortable basic station which can be ordered as an option. The clearly structured user interface permits a fast and uncluttered view of the screwdriving processes. Also, connection of a Network PC or controller for sending, receiving and archiving data is possible too. The basic station also provides the option of connection to several tools. This creates a superb platform for quality management and documentation, as explained by marketing director Jürgen Hierold: “With the new battery-driven angle-head screwdriver DEPRAG introduces to the market an excellent tool to be used for process-secure fastener assembly with utmost precision in limited access screw assembly tasks. In addition, it offers all the advantages of the proven MINIMAT-family.”

Quelle: Deprag Schulz GmbH