Bent pointing the way

Concept variants for collision-free tube bending

© transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

The new t bend DB 630-CNC-R/L-VE with bending head allows a collision-free clockwise-/anti-clockwise bending even in case of demanding geometries © transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Flexibility is usually required when it is not possible to implement ideas the way they were meant to. Especially in case of pipe bending, the process must sometimes be executable in a clockwise and also anti-clockwise direction for the desired geometry. Where the space limits the alternatives due to structural conditions, an adaptable bending solution must open new possibilities.

Whether in the one direction or in both, the specialists at the mechanical engineering company Transfluid have developed their bending machines and systems in a varied way. Thus, t bend CNC bending machines for pipe diameters up to 42 mm usually process the parts in a clockwise direction. If the other direction is required, the Transfluid machines can be converted from clockwise-bending to anti-clockwise-bending for smaller diameters.

“In case of complex geometries or structural obstacles, we recommend clockwise-/anti-clockwise-bending machines. However, there can can still be additional differences concerning the requirements, therefore, we have two system concepts up our sleeves”, thus Stefanie Flaeper, managing director at Transfluid.

For smaller pipes clockwise-/anti-clockwise-bending

Particularly for the processing of smaller pipe diameters a quick change of the bending direction is obviously necessary. This has been ensured by the solution developers with two individually applicable bending heads: one standing clockwise-bending version and one hanging anti-clockwise-bending bending head.

With its extremely short intervention time, this system is highly effective. The change of the bending direction can be realized in less than 2 seconds. The equipment with up to three tool layers or pipe diameters is possible per bending head.

Bent smartly

The second machine variant appears highly dynamical with a turning head. This system is suitable for all pipe diameter ranges and allows an economical clockwise-/anti-clockwise-bending. All the axes here are servo-electrically driven and, as a standard, there are two tool layers on each bending head.

Bending automatically

“Of course, we can automate both systems, for excellent run times without deployment of personnel”, thus Stefanie Flaeper. For this purpose, Transfluid offers simple magazines for the provision of a component stock and takes care of the loading from a transport container, for example a pallet cage. Even in case of different geometries it is possible to also manufacture the pipes in pairs.

Furthermore, a special variant with robot can also make sense, which practically gets a clockwise-/anti-clockwise-bending machine into its hands. The robot thus collects the pipe from the magazine and inserts it into the clamping device in correct position. There, it is bent by the robot with clockwise-/anti-clockwise-bending head and afterwards it is put down again in correct position. In this process, the pipes can already be equipped with connecting elements at both ends.

Source: transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH