CVD multilayers impress with their wear resistance

Even the ancient Chinese had already seen something special in the number 10,000: it is the highest number in Asian numerology. And 10,000 is also the very top in terms of strength and wear resistance in the Vickers hardness test.

It is particularly sought after in metal cutting, where the parts to be machined have a high level of hardness or are extremely abrasive. CemeCon AG is setting standards in this area with its patented multilayer diamond coatings for cutting tools.

The wear resistance of the tool is particularly important when it comes to cutting abrasive materials such as graphites or fibre-reinforced plastics. Tools coated in hard materials have become the industry standard as they combine good cutting properties with high resistance to constant wear.

When it comes to diamond coatings, CemeCon AG has taken on a pioneering role. Its patented CCDia® multilayer coatings combine the properties of crystalline and nano-crystalline layers to form a powerful structure with perfect surface smoothness, extreme sharpness and strong wear resistance.

High Vickers hardness for an excellent tool life

The outstanding properties of the CCDia® coatings are partly down to their high Vickers hardness number of 10,000. The coatings produced by CemeCon in the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process have almost the same properties as natural diamonds. Depending on the application, tools with multilayers can have their coating thickness improved by between 3 and 15 µm. CCDia® coatings also have excellent thermal conductivity properties - another important factor in achieving optimal results when cutting temperature-sensitive materials.

Ultimately, when processing abrasive materials such as graphite, aluminium, CFRP and GFRP, the ultra-hard CCDia® series coatings are up to 20 times more durable than comparable products. Various multilayer variants are available, which are optimally adapted to the tools in combination with specific materials and cutting operations:

The CCDia®CarbonSpeed series coatings are particularly suitable, for example, for cutting graphite and HM green bodies. CCDia®FiberSpeed achieves top results for high-tech composites in aircraft and vehicle manufacturing, while CCDia®MultiSpeed reliably processes stacks made from CFRP and non-ferrous metals.

Source: CemeCon AG