Cables for connecting photovoltaic installations

The KEYLIOS™ range covers every type of cable needed for a residential, commercial or solar farm PV installation. However, the comprehensive KEYLIOS™ approach also adds a number of essential services for developers and operators of PV projects: from monitoring and control services through Intelligent Internet Gateways to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and simulation.

KEYLIOS™ cables

ENERGYFLEX cablesA key element in the KEYLIOS™ range is the state-of-the-art 0.6 to1kV ENERGYFLEX® cables, with cross-linked polyolefin insulation, designed to link PV panels on rooftop or in solar fields and also connect them to the array box or inverter. Resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to +120°C), ozone and UV, these zero-halogen cables are low-smoke and flame-retardant for enhanced fire security. Both UL and TÜV-certified, they fit main connectors, are color-striped for easy installation and phase identification, meet RoHS directives, and are fully recyclable. ENERGYFLEX® cables are also available with E-beam cross liked technology with TÜV approval, in order to respond all needs of our customers.
Nexans therefore is the single cable supplier on the market able to provide the market with a dual offer in line with the demand.

Other KEYLIOS™ cables include low voltage copper or aluminum cables that provide reliable, durable links between array boxes and inverters as well as flexible silicone cables that can carry up to15 kV in the challenging conditions found in desert or cold environments, and earth/ground cables for protection against short circuits and fires.

The KEYLIOS™ range also features several solutions (including accessories) for reliable inverter-transformer-switchgear connections as well as special cabinets for network feed-ins.

To ensure reliable high data transmission capacity for backbones (from solar farms to remote control centres) or for LAN monitoring and control, the KEYLIOS™ range offers copper and fibre-optic solutions for surveillance and control including sensor and bus cables.

KEYLIOS™ active switch systems for communication and monitoring

KEYLIOS™ active switch systemsKEYLIOS™ small and rugged iSwitch systems combine fibre-optic and copper ports to exchange data with and provide Power over Ethernet (POE) to distributed IP surveillance cameras, WLAN access points, VoIP phones or multifunctional terminals. These switches can also be used for control and monitoring applications, and have inbuilt fibre-optic/copper cable diagnostic functionalities.

KEYLIOS™ monitoring and control services

KEYLIOS™ Intelligent Internet Gateways enable power utilities to collect and analyze data on their PV installations by gathering information from inverters, smart meters and weather sensors. This can help optimize exploitation, support maintenance services and monitor power output in real time.

KEYLIOS™ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) services

KEYLIOS™ LCA services evaluate the environmental impact of any cable through the cycle of production, distribution, installation, use, and recycling. This allows OEMs and solar farm designers to compare cables used in terms of environmental impact to arrive at an informed choice about the best solution.

KEYLIOS™ simulation services

KEYLIOS™ simulation services can help developers to identify the ideal solar farm architecture and the right cables using various computer modeling to improve reliability, reduce losses, increase safety and improve power flow.