Cables measure temperature and deformations

The underground laboratory (Deep Underground Science and Engineering Lab DUSEL) in Homestake SD (USA) was designed for research purposes in the major scientific disciplines. The project, initiated by the National Science Foundation (NSF), addresses the needs of particle and nuclear physics, geology, hydrology, geo-engineering, biology and biochemistry. In the decommissioned mine in Homestake, the deepest mine in North America, DUSEL is performing tests in the fields of geology and rock mechanics, among other things. The temperature of the rock is measured from the entrance of the mine to a depth of 8000ft (2438m). This is achieved with the aid of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and sensor cables from Brugg Cables. Rock deformations are also measured. This is made possible by the new strain-sensing cable, also supplied and installed by Brugg Cables. This cable is capable of detecting even small tensile loads.