Clamping of tubes using vacuum clamping systems

DOSCORNIO® SPECIAL TOOLS offers vacuum clamping systems which are specially designed for the fixation of tubes.

With the help of tubestar vacuum clamping systems even tubes with sensitive surfaces, e.g. stainless steel, can be clamped fast and without damage. In a split second the tube can be fixed safely on the vacuum plate. Both hands are free for handling, welding and surface preparation in an optimal working position. The work pieces are disconnected quickly from the vacuum plates by foot valve

The tubestar systems are either designed for the use on workbenches or as column systems for independent work stations. The column systems are in all versions equipped with height adjustment and integrated multiple socket outlet. All systems are self-adherent to the workbench or to the floor.

All units are manufactured using long-lasting materials: the suction plates are from Aluminium and the sealing rings are made of a special durable plastic rubber material. They are delivered ready for use with a vacuum pump.

For fast detachment of protective foils the PULLWORKER® tool is recommended.

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