Co-extruded plastic tubing: cleanliness and flexibility

Polyethylene tubing is typically a semi-rigid product. The addition of EVA gives it enhanced flexibility and allows its use with economical barb-style fittings. The tubing's patented manufacturing method ensures a permanent bond between the inner and outer layers. First the core of low density polyethylene is extruded, then farther down the production line, the EVA covering is extruded around the core using a patented process. The result is a tubing that offers different performance characteristics for the inside and outside of the tube — cleanliness inside, flexibility outside.

Produced from Class VI, FDA-sanctioned ingredients, translucent polyethylene-lined EVA tubing is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and inert. It offers good general chemical resistance and a low friction coefficient. Polyethylene-lined EVA also resists gases and moisture and remains pliable even after extended contact with alcohol.

Source: NewAge Industries