Cold rolling all-rounder for Indonesia

Gunung Raja Paksi orders reversing cold mill from SMS group

© 2015 SMS Siemag AG

Six-high stand featuring CVC® plus of a similar RCM © 2015 SMS Siemag AG

Indonesian steel producer PT Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) has placed an order with the SMS group for the full-line supply of a reversing cold mill (RCM) in CVC® plus six-high design with skin pass operation mode.

GRP located in Bekasi, West Java, and founded in 2001 belongs to the Gunung Steel Group. Since 1996, GRP has been operating a Steckel mill supplied by the SMS group, producing a wide range of hot rolled flat products. The annual capacity amounts to 1.2 million tons.

On the new reversing cold mill, GRP will produce cold strip products primarily for use in the construction industry as facade and roof cladding material. The total scope of supply comprises the complete RCM including the mechanical equipment, electrical and automation systems, and the ancillary plants. For GRP it was important that all the equipment and systems come from a single source and that the technology of all the production units is perfectly harmonized.

The new reversing cold mill will roll strips in widths up to 1,270 millimeters to final gauges down to 0.15 millimeters from a maximum entry thickness of 5.0 millimeters. Depending on the product requirements, the operation mode can be changed between rolling and skin passing. With a maximum rolling speed of 1,200 meters per minute, an annual capacity of about 200,000 tons will be achievable.

The mill will be able to fulfill the high requirements placed on the quality of the rolled strips, thanks to a range of modern actuators such as hydraulic gap control, wedge adjustment, CVC® plus in combination with positive and negative work and intermediate roll bending, entry and exit side multi-zone cooling and dry strip systems of the latest design.

The X-Pact® automation includes an online level-2 system, which provides the preconditions for fully automatic, precise and efficient plant operation. One of the highlights of the online measurement and sensor systems is the integration of the proven X-Shape system developed by SMS. An X-Shape flatness measurement roll will be installed on both the entry and the exit side of the mill.

The combined reversing and skin pass mill will start operation in spring 2017.

Source: SMS Group