Compact size and high performance

The new 3-axis subsystem concept comprising the patented, compact double-motor-Z-axis allows for extremely fast and precise processing of a variety of materials in different shapes and sizes with very small spot diameters and in state-of-the-art quality. Speeds up to 30 m/s, its patented dynamic focus adjustment and compact size enable the AXIALSCAN-12 to be used in numerous sophisticated applications which require flexible working areas and very small focus diameters with focus diameter and range variations in the working area.

The new AXIALSCAN-12 is especially precise, fast and reliable when processing 3D-shapes such as tilted or curved surfaces. With this innovative and efficient product RAYLASE is setting new performance standards.

The new AXIALSCAN-12 by RAYLASE offers an additional highlight: the new twin-shell design, which has already successfully been used in the standard XY-units of the SUPERSCAN-II series. Negative thermal effects caused by ambient temperature or processing conditions can be drastically reduced. This results in very low drift values and thus highest precision in processing and long-term stability.

AXIALSCAN-12 is designed for a wavelength of 1.064 nm, a maximum laser power density of 500 W/cm2 and field sizes up to 300 mm x 300 mm. Other wavelengths and parameters are available on demand.

This flexible subsystem by RAYLASE is compatible to the XY2-100 standard and can easily be combined with e.g. fiber lasers.

AXIALSCAN – 12 Overview:

- 3-axis subsystem
- Twin-shell design for optimized thermal management and low drift values
- Z-axis with patented compact double-motor
- Wavelength 1.064 nm
- Maximum laser power density of 500 W/cm2
- Speeds up to 30 m/s