Composite Technology: High Voltage Transmission Line in Germany

The four kilometer, double bundled 400 kV line will run at 1180 amps and is the first ACCC® conductor line to be energized by Amprion. The line served as a pilot for Amprion's personnel to become acquainted with installing CTC Cable's high efficiency ACCC® conductor and accessories and for future consideration of ACCC® conductor for high capacity, congested transmission lines.

Amprion selected ACCC® 318 mm2 Oslo conductor for this line because conventional conductors reach capacity at 80 °C, and it needed to significantly increase capacity without thermal sag. Amprion tested the ACCC® 318 mm2 Oslo conductor and found that it met Amprion's requirements for increasing capacity, with less sag at higher temperatures than conventional conductors.

Benton Wilcoxon, Chief Executive Officer of Composite Technology Corporation, commented, "We are very pleased that Amprion selected ACCC® conductor for this project and we are committed to providing Amprion with high efficiency ACCC® conductor solutions for Germany's high voltage transmission grid."

Source: Composite Technology Corporation