ContiTech makes sealing components for brake systems

ContiTech Vibration Control has expanded its range of sealing components for brakes. The purchase of a molded brake component business in France last year, now allows the company to manufacture micro composite parts for technologies like compact ABS systems, for example.

"Thanks to the expertise gained, we are now full-service suppliers of brake sealing components. Our customers stand to profit from this," explains Kai Peters, head of the Sealing Systems Chassis segment at ContiTech. "We intend to tap new markets with the expanded product portfolio."

Versatile applications with a future

Composite microparts are of particular importance in the realm of active brake management. The trend to lightweight engineering in the auto industry makes compact systems a necessity. In keeping with this development, ABS blocks are being constructed to be more and more lightweight as well.

"Because of this shift, there is a strong demand for smaller, more precise sealing components. These require a special manufacturing process," explains Frank Möllering, head of marketing and sales in the Sealing Systems Chassis segment at ContiTech Vibration Control. "We can help out with individual solutions wherever micro components are required for brake systems." Alongside their use in ABS systems, compact seals are also employed in engine management, electronic control devices and brake power simulators in electric vehicles.

New technologies for effective production

For the production of precision parts, ContiTech can build on the existing technologies at its location in Andrézieux, France. In addition to its highly automated production methods using automatic assembly and inspection, the location also offers innovative procedures for joining metal microparts with rubber elements.

"Targeted areas of the metal parts are sprayed instead of dipping the whole part into the adhesion promoter, as per previous standard practice," explains Raphael Caunes, technical key account manager at the Andrézieux plant. ContiTech will further expand the competence of the location and make use of the processes throughout the business unit.

Source: ContiTech AG