Customizable SG1 provides up to 120-inch stroke range

The SG1 ships with a 10K-ohm potentiometer that provides a voltage divider output signal proportional to the position of the spring loaded measuring cable. The SG1 is designed to not only meet the needs of OEMs and single piece users, but is also receiving rave reviews as an off-the-shelf sensor. It has a stroke range of 80 inches and will soon offer a 120-inch stroke version. This compact, low-cost sensor can be easily installed using the handy mounting bracket.

The SG1 is constructed with a rugged polycarbonate body, a precision high-cycle plastic hybrid potentiometer and a durable spring-loaded stainless steel measuring cable. The SG1 has been designed for tight spaces, complete with a generous measuring cable misalignment and free release tolerance. Its measuring cable provides an accurate reliable position feedback signal over the entire stroke.

Available electrical connection options include the popular M12 connector, a 40-inch pigtail or solder terminals directly on the SG1 pot. To withstand wet IP67 environments, the M12 connector and pigtail options provide a rugged O-ring sealed cover to protect the potentiometer against the elements. Additionally the M12 connector option comes with a field installable mating plug and an optional 13-ft. cordset is available.

The SG1’s ability to be customizable for OEMs really sets it apart. Such possibilities include a choice of connectors, custom designed mounting hardware and even a choice of potentiometers or other output signals. It is an ideal stringpot for customers searching for a low cost sensor for their application.

Source: Variohm Eurosensor Ltd