Dürr Ecoclean unveils new technologies

Dürr Ecoclean will be highlighting its new EcoCSteam cleaning technology, new develop-ments in the field of solvent-based cleaning, and the first-ever system to perform automatic in-line VDA 19 compliant cleanliness tests.

In today's manufacturing and machining processes, part cleaning constitutes an indispensable step. Cleanliness has become a quality criterion and hence, a key competitive success factor. Accordingly, markets call for cleaning solutions capable of producing the required cleanliness levels in a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sound manner. Dürr Ecoclean will present innovative developments aimed at achieving these goals.

One focus will be placed on developments for more flexible cleaning processes using hydrocarbons, modified alcohols and polar solvents. Some of these solutions are about ensuring cost-efficient cleaning in applications involving extremely high degrees of contamination. On the other hand, Dürr Ecoclean will be exhibiting concepts for effective solvent-based fine cleaning. Methods of boosting the energy and cost efficiency of solvent-based cleaning technologies will likewise be addressed, and information will be provided regarding the preservation of cleaned parts.

Another highlight will be the innovative EcoCLab technology – the first-ever system allowing cleanliness testing to be performed in accordance with VDA 19 as a fully automatic in-line process. Any non-compliance with particle load specifications can thus be identified and remedied much more quickly than via conventional laboratory tests. Thus, the process reliability of part cleaning operations which are subject to residual contamination specifications is significantly enhanced. The compact automatic "cleanliness lab" can be integrated into the cleaning system or arranged as a separate module in the production line.

With its EcoCSteam system, Dürr Ecoclean presents an altogether new cleaning technology. This innovative steam cleaning process removes a wide range of contaminants – e.g., oils, greases, emulsions, release agents, chips, dust, fingerprints – from any material quickly, reliably and without any use of chemicals. The high cleaning performance of this eco-friendly process is based on the combined action of saturated steam and a high-velocity airflow.

EcoCSteam enables the user to clean large and heavy parts (e.g., gear transmissions of wind power plants, railway engine blocks and vehicle bogies, boat and ship engines) with the same level of process reliability as mechanical components such as cylinder heads, housings, stamped parts and sections. Cleaning ahead of paint-coating processes is another field of application.

Source: Dürr Ecoclean GmbH