Diaphragm pump in micro format

The series 1010 is the smallest miniature diaphragm pump ever developed by the Thomas Division. The smallest product in the range of motor diaphragm pumps only weighs about 15 grams.

Even more impressive is the 1010's overall performance. Reliability, extremely low power consumption and high power density in combination with miniaturized dimensions were the main focus of this development. All these properties have been confirmed by comprehensive tests and 4,000 hours of non-stop operation.

The newly developed valve unit guarantees optimum delivery, also of wet gases, and enables good controllability for volume flow rates ranging from 100 to 800 ml/min. Hence, the majority of applications in the field of gas analysis are covered. Different diaphragm versions, optimised for vacuum duty only as well as combined pressure and vacuum use, are available.

At present, durable bell-type armature motors are used to drive the pump. These are particularly efficient and easy to control thanks to their ironless winding. They even fulfill operational requirements for Ex-certified devices. A drive for less rigid requirements is currently in preparation.

The pump head can be rotated by 180°, which facilitates flexibility when integrating the pump. Assembly of the pump head, chamber and console is realized with two brackets. These brackets create a uniform pre-load resulting in a reproducable and consistent pneumatic performance for the pump's entire life span.

Target applications for the 1010 series are primarily portable gas detection and warning devices next to medical engineering and laboratory technology - but in particular for devices with limited mounting space.

Source: Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH