Die-Cutting and slitting does everyone

Nevertheless, the devices of the machine series EASYLINE have something in common with the tools on our desks: they are almost as easy to handle.

CMC Maschinenbau exhibits the successful machine series EASYLINE for the second time. All these punching, rewinding and cutting machines share a competitive price, an easy handling and a fast amortisation of investment costs.

The rewinding and cutting machine EASYLINE-US320 for example allows simultaneous rewinding and cutting of web material up to 320 mm width. This makes it ideal for processing rolls of labels made in multiple printed panels that are to be seperated. Very short distances and an efficient web edge control system reduce scrap and make-ready costs significantly.

Another highlight ist the flat punch EASYLINE-F350. This ultra compact and little space needing device is able to punch, cut and even laminate material up to 600 g/m². Low-priced and very flexible steel strip cutting tools can be used which provide a quick job change even with small runs. Nevertheless, also major orders can be produced at up to 120 strokes per minute.

The EASYLINE series is intended primarily for converters who want to process competitive products from larger manufacturers for their customers.

All in all, the punching, cutting and rewinding devices of CMC Maschinenbau offer an ideal compromise between acquisition cost and performance. Even for processing a single order the purchase of an EASYLINE machine may pay off.

Source: CMC Maschinenbau GmbH, Frankenthal