Draka offers its expertise to help build the FTTH financial business case

Draka Network Engineering Services can help smaller communities and city councils with counsel based upon Draka’s experience and best practices. Draka can assist with first infrastructure assessments including key figures on labor and material costs that help to build a specific FTTH financial business case.

Draka Network Engineering Services methodology uses digital area (GIS) maps and digital maps of existing infrastructures as the input to Draka’s dedicated software technology. Following a local site survey resulting in a detailed Network Design, Draka Network Engineering Services can optimize FTTH network design to reduce construction time, improve efficiency and deliver the best ROI for a prospective FTTH site.

“The decision to open up Draka’s knowledge and expertise to the outside world presents more choice for the diversity of FTTH communities engaging in their own construction, “ explains Edgar Aker, Director Marketing & Product Management, Draka Communications Telecom Solutions. “ Draka Network Engineering Services is both vendor and technology neutral, using our expertise to design an FTTH network that fits customer needs, whether or not our own cables, components or connectivity components are part of the solution.”

“A main issue in building a network is that each FTTH project has a uniqueness, depending on geography, the history of the market, national and local regulation and a multitude of factors. Many of the variables involved are interconnected; improve one variable and you compromise another. The main point is that to guarantee success you need a mix of people with an awareness of all of these situations. Draka brings in-depth understanding of the key considerations, best practices in making smart technology choices and mixing standard cabling solutions and proven experience of real-world fibre installations. This all adds up to reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a new FTTH network.”

For Draka Network Engineering Services, working closely together with local representatives is the only way to assemble the pieces to solve the multiple choices in an FTTH puzzle. That’s why Draka understands the need to actively collaborate with partners who understand local regulation and have an in-depth knowledge of the existing infrastructure as they have a major influence on a good outcome of an FTTH project.

Source: Draka