Dual-Cure conformal coating eliminates need for additional processing

The product’s ability to cure in shadowed areas over time with ambient moisture results in faster throughput for thru-hole assemblies. 9482 was developed to be tack free immediately after curing, helping to avoid defects such as fingerprints that may be left on the boards if they are handled too soon. It’s engineered for coating thicknesses up to 0.254 mm (0.010 in) and offers superior protection to alternative products.

Dymax 9482 demonstrates excellent re-workability which is of particular importance to manufacturers of expensive PCBs or customers looking to increase board yields. Fluorescing a vivid blue when exposed to UV light, 9482 provides obvious detection of coating presence before and after cure.

Dymax 9482 is yet another addition to the Dymax Conformal Coatings product line, which includes UV/Heat-Curable as well as UV/Moisture-Curable materials in a range of viscosities, all providing circuit board protection and shadow-curing capabilities. In addition, the new 9482 coating enhances the Dymax product offering of materials to meet the encapsulation, edge bonding, masking, and related needs of the printed circuit board and electronic assembly markets.

Source: DYMAX Europe GmbH