Durable marking of Data Matrix Codes

The battle against product piracy and for a guaranteed traceability

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Data Matrix Code © MARKATOR Manfred Borries GmbH

The sale of plagiarisms costs the machinery and plant manufacturing industries several billion dollars every year. Next to the lost sales revenues there are also the quality defects because of the product copies. Very often production downtimes or risks to human health and safety are the consequences.

Through durable and tamper-proof marking it is possible to identify the manufacturer and to track the batch number, production date, production plant, etc.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, hardly a product leaves the industrial production plant without being marked with a character or number string or even with a two dimensional Data Matrix Code.

GS1 Germany is a private sector organization and has set itself the task of creating a global standard which can guarantee a continuous traceability of products.

The product serial number together with a global article number works, according to GS1 Germany, like a passport for products. With this number it is possible to track precisely where the product was produced and which value-added chain and logistic chain it has passed. Using this number the whole life-cycle of a product can be reproduced and in case of a necessary recall campaign it is very easy to track the product.

The GS1 system says about itself to be an international coordinated tool for a complete and unique identification. As the demand on GS1 conform codes is increasing, the manufacturer of marking systems MARKATOR® Manfred Borries GmbH was motivated to deal with this subject.

For durable markings according to the GS1 standard, MARKATOR® does have a wide product range and considerable experience in the area of the durable and tamper-proof marking of work pieces of different kinds.

The high quality product range of the German company MARKATOR® Manfred Borries GmbH covers several solutions to mark work pieces of different kinds durable and tamper-proof. Various kinds of materials can be marked from plastics, aluminum and construction steel to hardened steel with a hardness up to 63 HRC.

Whether a marking system to integrate in an automatic production line, a table marking system to mark small work pieces on a bench-top work place or a flexible hand-held marking system to mark big and unmovable pieces directly on site; MARKATOR® has a solution for every marking requirement.

Source: MARKATOR Manfred Borries GmbH