Efficient tube, pipe and wire production

SMS group will be presenting plant and machinery concepts for the production of tubes, pipes and wire made of steel or NF metals

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SMS group zeigt auf der „Tube & wire“ neueste Anlagentechnik und Verfahren zur Herstellung von Rohren © 2016 SMS Group

At the 15th edition of the “Tube & wire” trade fair, SMS group will be presenting plant and machinery concepts for the production of tubes, pipes and wire made of steel or NF metals. At the SMS group booth (hall 7a, booth no. B15/16), SMS specialists will also demonstrate latest automation solutions that give an additional boost to the efficiency of tube, pipe and wire production plants.

SMS group offers a wide range of process automation solutions and measuring and control systems, all of which have been specifically designed to improve the product quality, increase production and cut transformation costs. The Process Guidance System (PGS) allows all these aspects to be considered at the same time and to be customized to the specific operator and process requirements.

Strategic partner for tube and pipe producers

As a lifecycle partner, SMS group offers a portfolio that comprises all types of tube and pipe production processes as well as the associated finishing lines.

In a market characterized by overcapacities, increasing production is no longer a top priority for most of the mill operators. Their focus is rather on optimizing production. SMS group offers economically efficient technology for the production of high- and premium-grade tube and pipe products. Therefore our customers are perfectly positioned in a market environment that calls for ever higher quality and safety standards for tube and pipe products.

Comprehensive process know-how from a single source

The integration of the bright steel processing machines of the Schumag brand into SMS group in 2008 bridged the last open gap in the process chain for bar and wire rod production. Our customers have benefitted from that expansion of our expertise in the process steps involving drawing, peeling, straightening and grinding in that we are able to look at these highly complex processes in their entirety and provide truly comprehensive expert advice.

In mid-2015, SMS combined the Business Areas SMS Siemag und SMS Meer, which up to that date had operated under separate names, under the roof of SMS group GmbH. That move provided for a perfectly harmonized range of plants and machinery along the entire metallurgical process chain, from ore preparation through to product finishing. The customers benefit from the international group’s plant and mechanical engineering expertise at all stages of a project in the form of highly proficient technical advice, smooth implementation and commissioning of the plants and excellent field service.

Source: SMS group, Hall 7a/B15-16