Energy-efficient and savvy cooling: eCoo

SorTech AG, pioneering energy-saving and eco-friendly adsorption chillers, will roll out its new, extremely flexibly applicable and ergonomic eCoo units at ISH Trade Fair in March 2013. eCoo is the result of a redesign of SorTech ACS units aimed at facilitating simple and perfectly fitting integration into various cooling solutions. The new system is freely scalable and allows for combination of any number of chillers. The show-stopper: Cold is not generated with electricity but from low-temperature excess heat and pure water as coolant – curbing CO2 emissions and operating expenditures by over 70% compared to most electricity driven refrigeration systems.

In time for the ISH in Frankfurt am Main, SorTech will launch a new generation of adsorption chillers into the market: eCoo – ‚efficient cooling‘. The new aggregates have been fully tailored to requirements of planners, installers and HVAC consultants and can be easily and swiftly integrated into a large variety of refrigeration solutions. The only determining factors for the number of eCoo units to be installed are cold demand and economic efficiency. The innovative eCoo generation provides numerous mechanical, ergonomic and control-related advantages over predecessor models and employs excess heat and water as natural and eco-friendly coolant. eCoo units can replace electricity-driven reciprocator chillers in any given application.

Safe dimensioning plus easy installation and flexible operation

Individual eCoo units offer different refrigerating capacities, operate at low noise levels and vibration-free and are ideally suited for low and medium refrigerating capacities (4 – 60 kW). Combinability of several units and subsequent extendibility make eCoo machines a true alternative – also for higher refrigeration loads.

The new compact ‘tower design‘ has an “notably smaller” footprint as the units can be arranged in rows – or even stacked on top of each other. All connections are accessible ergonomically, with standard tools and without stooping, thus enabling extremely fast and easy installation. Pump assembly space, either factory-integrated or any optional type, is provided for above our units in the system layout.

"Our development of the new units mainly focused on optimising package solutions, both in terms of freely scalable dimensioning and flexible integration as well as achieving exceptional ease of installation and maintenance. The modular configuration has even made the appearance more flexible – the innovative eCoo units can be delivered in (adjustable) standard enclosures or without any casing at all," Andre Weiss, SorTech’s Director Business Development summarises the novel product features.

Variable control technology to ensure maximum energy efficiency

Not only the mechanical design but also the control technology and interface configuration were completely re-engineered and now enable even more convenient data exchange and smooth system integration. The new eCoo units are equipped with easy-to-read displays plus state-of-the-art controls and a variable operating system. The chillers can be operated output- or efficiency-optimised and adapted to the relevant heat source, such as solar-thermal system, CHP, excess industrial heat or district heating, in order to optimise the whole system in terms of best possible energy efficiency.

In spite of all the above product benefits, delivery periods of eCoo units have reduced due to modular production and are available from May 2013.

Source: SorTech AG