Eraser’s Model LH115 Hand Glo-Ring® Infrared Heat Tool

Eraser’s Model LH115 Hand Glo-Ring® Infrared Heat Tool is ideal for many applications including heat shrinking, plastic tube bending, soldering, adhesive curing, solder preforms, butt welding and more. Model LH115 incorporates quartz encapsulated heating elements (Glo-Rings®) which open and close to encircle work pieces with instant radiant heat at adjustable temperatures up to 1500°F (815°C). No R.F. interference is generated with the Glo-Rings® and they are suitable for use in clean rooms and testing areas. Model LH115 is an excellent alternative to a heat gun, as it uses less electrical energy, does not blow hot air, is extremely quiet, and is simple to maintain.

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