Expanding the global steel piston business

Rheinmetall subsidiary KSPG books order for car engine steel pistons worth €118 million


Steel piston with rings and pins © KSPG AG

The KSPG Group, a member of the Rheinmetall Group, has been awarded another contract for car engine steel pistons. The deal is worth lifetime sales of just under €118 million. The order, which also comprises the delivery of the piston pins and rings, once again emphasizes KSPG's competency as a supplier of complete piston assemblies.

The order was placed with the Czech plant in Ústí nad Labem; series production will start in early 2018. The piston assemblies are destined for the four- and six-cylinder diesels of a premium-segment OEM.

For some time now, KSPG has noted growing demand for steel pistons on car diesel engines. Such pistons address current engine manufacturing trends: they lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by three to five percent. This is true for engines with both higher and moderate power densities and also at rising peak pressures.

Measures for lower fuel consumption and the related decline in CO2 emissions are based on a reduction in mechanical friction, fine-tuned combustion processes, and lightweight design.

Thanks to its higher strength, steel also allows a significant reduction in piston height and wall thickness compared with aluminum. This yields both size and weight advantages.

Source: KSPG AG