Extremely versatile: S4600 pressure measuring instrument

The ergonomic handheld measuring instrument features a protective sleeve with a magnet at the back side to allow for hands-free operation. A large TFT display is provided for user-friendly visualisation and simultaneous indication of four measured values. All measured values can be displayed in nine different units (mbar, Pa, hPa, kPa, mmWC, mmHg, inWC, psi, bar).

Alarm thresholds can be adjusted for both pressure inputs; when the thresholds are reached, an adjustable alarm tone is activated and the colour of the pressure value in question changes from black to red. The S4600 pressure measuring instrument is available in three device versions (± 150 mbar, ± 1,000 mbar, ± 5,000 mbar) with 8 mm standard connections and for two measuring ranges (± 5,000 mbar, ± 8,000 mbar) also with 3 mm connections.

The Series S4600 instruments provide an easy-to-use menu system with numerous options (such as time, date, language, signals, units, etc.) and feature manual and automatic zero correction as well as automatic instrument checks. The instrument is equipped with an IR interface for wireless connection of an IR printer so that measurement logs can be printed. In ECO mode, continuous measurement is possible for up to 50 hours. It has a lithium-ion battery that is charged via a USB power supply unit. The S4600 pressure measuring instrument is approved as per the German Federal Immission Act (1. BImSchV) and EN 50379-2 and is TÜV-tested.

Model S4601 can be used, for example, for measurement of chimney draft, measurement of inlet pressure, flow pressure and nozzle pressure, pressure drop in flowing gases, filter inspection, ventilation systems or ducts, production and extraction facilities, vacuum measurement (laboratory), check of the connection pressure (natural gas supply pipes), burner pressure check, inspection of tanks for liquids (inlet and outlet pressure).